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DarkMatters@Caimatei10 (event)



[ro]             Casa Lupu is a community with no hierarchical structure, composed of people active in the creative industry. Casa Lupu has emerged as a common work-space for community members. Soon thereafter, we
[en]            started developing some of our independent projects as well as hosting various unconventional cultural events. Gradually, the group's activities have gained increasing public character, allowing for spending ones (spare) time in a creative

manner, as a pro-active response to the local cultural scene. As early as its first year of existence, Casa Lupu has become a popular alternative culture hub in Bucharest.


“A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.”                                                                                                

[Bertrand de Jouvenel]



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is the newest cultural product developed by Casa Lupu. The purpose of this project is to create unique “pop-up” cultural events, hosted in some of Bucharest’s most fascinating buildings. Old but beautiful homes from the downtown area will be open – for a limited time only. We present the public with a unique cultural venue staged in otherwise inaccessible areas. These events aim to identify and shed light on the buildings’ hidden potential as an unique attractor in the urban fabric. Calup events suggest and implement alternative but economically viable solutions for the urban regeneration of beautiful, vintage buildings in Bucharest.



Dark Matters @ Caimatei 10, the first event in the Calup project, is a specific urban intervention on Bucharest's cultural landscape. As a unique opportunity, one of the most stately houses in the city, otherwise inaccessible to the public, will open its doors for the public. You are expected on Saturday, April 27, at Caimatei 10 villa, to witness - in the dark! - three floors of art installations, exhibitions and a party floor.